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Chiropractic Works – It’s Written In Your Blood!

Chiropractic Works – It’s Written In Your Blood!

It’s written in blood – Chiropractic heals through chemistry. Fact!

We all know Chiropractic works and adjustments make you feel better.  Not only do we hear it all the time from our patients, we see it in the research conducted on the benefits of a Chiropractic care.  Now a recent research article takes our understanding one step further… Scientists at the University of Spain decided to look at the changes in your blood after a Chiropractic adjustment.  Using 30 students, who suffer no symptoms, they split them into three groups.  One group received cervical (neck) adjustments, another thoracic (mid back) adjustments, and the final group no adjustments at all.  The scientists took blood samples before the student’s adjustment (or lack of), immediately after, and then two hours later.  What they were looking for was the changes in the hormones and neurotransmitters present in the students blood sample in relation to their adjustments.

What happened to the hormones?

The scientist were tracking four hormones in the blood plasma: neurotensin, oxytocin, cortisol, and orexin-A (learn what they are below).  They found that immediately after a Chiropractic adjustment the levels of neurotensin and oxytocin significantly rose and cortisol also rose significantly after the cervical (neck) adjustment.  There was no change in the levels of orexin-A in any group.

But what on earth do these biochemical markers do?


When times get tough and the stress levels increase then neurotensin is thought to help neutralise associated, stress-related pain.  It also interacts with the serotonin neurons of the brain helping to chill you out.  It also affects the activity the hormone oxytocin in the brain.


The name actually means ‘swift childbirth’, but its not only women who get to benefit from this bonding hormone.  It gets this nickname as levels are high during childbirth and breastfeeding, helping create a deeper bond with your baby.  Oxytocin, in high levels, also encourages you to bond and create feelings of trust with others around you, especially when kissing loved ones and during ‘intimate embrace’.  In relation to pain levels, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory helping to remove the source of your discomfort.


Cortisol is a good pain killer and high levels promote wound healing.  Is does this by stopping the early stages of inflammation, which decreases local oedema (swelling) and pain levels.


Orexin-A is a neuropeptide that is associated with pain control.

In a nut shell…

Chiropractic is a a great, natural pain killer that comes without out all the side effects of taking drugs.  These hormonal changes form a part of the complex changes that take place throughout your whole body after a Chiropractic adjustment.  Together they provide immediate relief as well as long term benefits in how you feel and function. For safe, effective and proven pain relief, call a Chiropractor today and start a journey towards your optimum health.  Why not check out our Bristol Chiropractors?


Plaza-Manzano, G., et al. Changes in biochemical markers of pain perception and stress response after spinal manipulation. Journal Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy 2014;44(4):231-9. doi: 10.2519/jospt.2014.4996.

  • Richard Grigson

    Enjoyed your blog today Charlie, very interesting results.
    With Christmas on the horizon its a shame you can’t buy Oxytocin in bottle as it would make an ideal pressie for the mrs
    Better then to make an appointment with you guys at the chiropractic centre