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Stories from our patients about how they got along with Chiropractic

Research relevant to our Chiropractic patients

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Does chiropractic treatment hurt?

Does chiropractic treatment hurt? As chiropractors, one of the most common questions we get asked is ‘does it hurt?’. Many people feel nervous about seeking chiropractic care due to fear that the chiropractic adjustments, or ‘manipulation’, may cause them pain either during or after they have been treated. A host of viral videos on social […]

Team runs Tough Mudder

The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol does Tough Mudder On Saturday 19th August 2017 The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol team ran the South West Tough Mudder.  We completed the 10+ mile course and 21 obstacles in under 4 hours.  Despite being dunked in frozen water, being thrown over high walls and electrocuted we finished with smiles on our […]


Headaches Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? For those of you who have visited us here at The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol, you would recognise this question, regardless of the reason you came in to see us. It has been estimated that 10 million people in the UK suffer from headaches on a regular basis (nhs.uk). […]

Are we ever too old to crawl?

Most people associate crawling with babies, however we explore the idea that you are never too old to stop and that the benefits of doing so are huge.

Chiropractic: How it all began

Chiropractic: How it all began!! This good looking chap is the genius who discovered Chiropractic.  He theorised a spinal segment that was misaligned or fixated could irritate the corresponding nerve root, resulting in a dampened down nervous system, and pain. His name is Daniel David Palmer, and performed the first Chiropractic adjustment.  DD Palmer had […]

Should I take statins?

With 12 million people taking statins in the UK alone, what are the risks and what are the alternatives. Is there a better approach to lowering cholesterol than this daily ‘preventative’ drug?