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What conditions Chiropractic and massage can help with and how

Advice on how best to look after your back

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Stories from our patients about how they got along with Chiropractic

Research relevant to our Chiropractic patients

Our aim is to give lots of unbiased information that is offered to you in the quickest, most accessible way and we promise to keep the language simple so everyone can understand it.  In exchange for this information that we freely give, all we ask is that you like, comment and share our posts so more people get to learn and ensure they have the healthiest spines they can have!  Feel free to say hello in the comments to show you’re on board!

What is the best posture for your spine?

“How should I set up my desk?” “Is lying on my back the best position?” “What type of mattress should I get if sleeping with a bad back?”   We get asked a lot about the best postures to look after your spine, and today I’m going to answer them for you. There’s one posture […]

What can cause back pain?

This Back Awareness Month we are looking at what causes back pain? The answer is simple. Stress! Certain things might jump to your mind when you think of stress, however there are many different types of stress. Let’s break them down into the 3 main types. Physical Stress This is all about how you look […]

What to Wear

What Should I Wear to a Chiropractic Appointment?

The second most common question we get asked when booking an initial consultation is: ‘what should I wear?’ The most common one is about parking. No matter what you’re visiting the chiropractor about, whether it’s low back pain, sciatica or a sports injury, the answer is the same: come as you are. At your initial appointment […]

clicking neck

Is It Bad to Crack Your Neck?

Is It Bad to Click Your Neck? We get asked this question in our centres a lot. Often just after someone cracks their neck in front of us during their initial appointment. So, is it bad? Yes and no. It all depends on if you’re doing it intentionally or not and how often. Some people […]

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