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Lord Lloyd-Webber – Journeying from suicidal thoughts to Chiropractic

Lord Lloyd-Webber – Journeying from suicidal thoughts to Chiropractic

This blog is in regards to Lord Lloyd-Webber’s battle with his own thoughts during debilitating back pain and how he previously experienced his mother go through the same.  To read more follow this link for the full report.

Lord Faulconers Bill to allow assisted suicide for those that are terminally ill has recently rekindled a huge ethical and moral debate in the national papers. Although this article focuses very much on Lord Lloyd-Webber and how his view on the subject wavered depending on his experiences, it also demonstrates some very strong chiropractic philosophy.

The longer I practice Chiropractic the more I see the relationship between mind and body. A healthy body often belongs to a healthy mind and vice versa. When patients have been through an intense period of emotional stress, existing health issues appear to worsen or new ones appear. Research in abundance demonstrates the increase in depression etc. in chronic pain sufferers. This mind/body principle is key to a holistic chiropractor and is often the answer I give when people ask me, “What’s the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath/physio?” I’ve had hundreds of patients that develop disc symptoms (as Lord Lloyd-Webber appears to have suffered) either during or after a period of stress. A huge part of the healing process for the patient is the acknowledgment of the link between the two and then taking the necessary steps to deal with both problems.

The other key principle to Chiropractic is that the power that made the body heals the body. As chiropractors, we allow healing to happen, we DON’T do the healing. Lord Lloyd-Webber underwent “14 procedures under general anaesthetic,” and “was on every sort of painkiller there was.” That process and pain appeared to leave him so helpless that he contemplated the unthinkable. This thought isn’t uncommon in chronic pain sufferers. It appears his choices in medical interventions were attempting to do the healing. Then he discovers chiropractic and suddenly, “His journey back from despair was helped by a chiropractor who alleviated his symptoms.” This in itself is a newsworthy story however the intervention that brings him from the brink gets one line! I’m pleased to say, even without major coverage, this story is one we see in abundance in our clinic and in clinics all over the country.

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