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How do you want to age?

How do you want to age?

How do you want to age?

What will your last 10 years look like?  Will you be quick enough to play with your grandchildren?  Strong enough to embrace every moment?  Will you grow old with vitality or will you succumb to old age?

Your posture is a good indicator of how well you will age.  When you have good posture your nerves and body will be able to work and function the way they are supposed to.  However, with most of us now spending nine hours a day sitting down, our sedentary modern lifestyles are fast becoming a serious threat to our health.  These prolonged periods of inactivity not only increase our risk of obesity they also affect our body shape and posture, which can, in turn, lead to a whole range of health problems.  It is therefore no surprise that sitting has been blamed as the new smoking!

Poor posture over time changes the shape of your spine and affects your health

Modern technology sees many of us hunch over our smartphones and sitting slumped in front of a computer for hours.  It’s these commonly adopted positions that can lead to a loss of the essential cervical (neck) curvature.  Another change often seen is a thoracic hyperkyphosis, which is sometimes referred to as ‘Dowagers Hump’ – this is an exaggerated curve backwards of the middle of the back.  These changes in the shape of your spine can impair mobility and balance as we age and increase the risk of falls and fractures.  It is known that those with a hyperkyphotic posture have a 44% greater risk of mortality than those without.  The increased risk of death presented by a body mass index greater than 30 is of a similar value.  A lack of physical activity, a poor diet, a stressful lifestyle, as well as smoking and regular alcohol consumption will also contribute to a decline in your health as you age.

Posture aging health independence

Poor posture leads to decreased health and independence as we age.


For many years Chiropractors have assisted their community by not only keeping people pain free, but in also helping everyone to develop a healthy lifestyle.  By detecting joints of the spine that are not moving properly and irritating the adjacent nerves, Chiropractors can restore function to those areas and remove the irritation to the nervous system.

Research shows better posture equals greater independence and health status as you age

This realignment helps assist your body to heal, to achieve its optimum potential, improve overall posture and create a lifestyle full of vitality.  To show how important this is, studies have shown that those with better posture have a greater independence and better health status as they age.  Therefore posture and health are intrinsically linked.

So decide, how you want to age?

Change your future with Chiropractic and ultimately stand taller, move better and live better.  Also, maintain regular physical activity, a natural, balanced diet, a lifestyle of minimised stress, as well as avoiding smoking and regular alcohol consumption.

Our Bristol Chiropractors are trained and passionate about adding years to your life and adding life to your years.  Start improving your journey ahead today.