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Why continuous care is essential – Muscle talk!

Why continuous care is essential – Muscle talk!

Muscle talk – Why continuous care is essential?

Many of us perceive massage to be a naughty treat, similar to an indulgent chocolate bar, however it is in fact a super food.  Massage complements all aspects of our health.  Putting aside an allowance of time and money for a continuous care plan should be thought of as an investment in our overall well-being, which ultimately will positively affect all other aspects of life.

Below is a simple pretty picture of what I call muscle talk.

Muscle Talk

Stage 1: Initial Consultation

In my eyes, sports massage is ‘muscle talk’.  A form of communication between your muscles and my hands.  During a course of treatments a friendship begins to develop.

At the Initial Consultation you give me hints into your life and your body tells me its stories.  Your muscles begin to understand they are in a safe environment in which to relax.  Sometimes there are few barriers and your muscles talk back immediately, they soften and the tension melts away.  On other occasions, usually when there has been a chronic build up of stress, the barriers take more time to break down.

This is why there isn’t an exact length of time a sports massage therapist can tell you that they will get you moving freely.  We can offer an average length of time, typically 4-6 weekly treatments until we can space things out.  We are all unique individuals with our very own muscular barriers, personal tensions and life stories, so don’t be surprised if it takes 3 treatments or 10 until we get you to stage 3!

FACT: If you do your recommended exercises and drink your joy juice (water) the time in which you regain tiptop health will be quicker.

With each weekly sports massage:

  • Cellular health builds up
  • Blood and lymph circulation improves
  • Waste is removed more efficiently, and
  • Chronic tensions in your fascia melt away…

We do this until your muscle’s memory maintains a relaxed state outside of the treatment room.

Our developing bond is a truly healthy one.  Your consciousness begins to change as you sit straighter at work, you sleep better and your awareness of a new found freedom begins to emerge.

Stage 2: Corrective Care

When the course weekly treatments are spread to 2 weekly it means we are now good friends and ready for the next stage, Corrective Care; well on our way to you achieving your optimum well being.  Your muscles are far happier and they are enjoying functioning to a greater ability.  They carry out their individual jobs with more ease allowing a freer range of movement.  Of course, reinforced by the fact you are staying hydrated and getting that beneficial ‘homework’ done :).

Regular massage works hand-in-hand with Chiropractic care as you address your muscles, nerves and joints

Finally, your muscles are transformed and cheerfully tell me exciting stories of muscular health and a painless, freely moving you.  We have a great, satisfying chat and a giggle at the old aches and pains.  You have gained an holistic awareness concerning your muscles and how this relates to your daily life posture, the way you run up the stairs and get out of bed in the morning.

Hooray!! Your muscles and myself are now the fantabulous friends, but now you have two options:

  1. You walk out and continue as you did before you came for a sports massage and all our work at forming a friendship becomes fragile and your muscles have to cope with life stresses alone, or
  2. You walk out with as a Massage member* with a personalised schedule booked in with your favourite allotted time and day, knowing that massage has become a part of your complete healthy lifestyle.

During these first 2 stages it is important to note that things aren’t always such a smooth ride.  They can in fact be a bumpy roller coaster; often referred to as a Healing Crisis.

No doubt you have more than likely come in for a massage as you are in pain and hence there is a build up of toxins somewhere in your soft tissues, perhaps this is long standing?  Occasionally during a course of treatment the body eliminates tensions and toxins faster than they can be disposed of and as a result a reaction can occur.  This may be increased muscular aches, muscle cramps, skin eruptions, fatigue, emotional releases and flu like symptoms.  Do not be alarmed this is your body re-adjusting to your new, improved state.

It is also normal that whilst you are on your way to a pain free you, muscular tensions in other places manifest – this too is your body balancing back into action, for example underused muscles are becoming re-activated and more beneficial postures are moving from the unfamiliar to the familiar.

Regular massage as part of your lifestyle helps prevent the build up of muscle tension and helps keep your energy levels high

It too may be that despite your muscles telling their stories of improved tissue health and function that your ailment ceases to go.  It may be that your skeletal system needs assessing.  At this point it may be necessary to send you over to Matt or Charlie, the ninja Chiropractors or even have a look at the reflexes in your feet.

It is very important that we remain dynamic throughout YOUR course of care.  Thus we will together make re-assessments to see where you are at and if adjustments need to be made to your treatment plan.  Remember nothing is ever set in stone.

Stage 3: Wellness Care

The final step is Wellness Care.

So why should you choose Continuous Care?  Not only does it mean that the best friendship is conserved 🙂 but:

  • You are far less likely to revert back to when you initially came in for a sports massage
  • Any other build up of tension can be nipped in the bud
  • Muscular health is maintained and free movement kept
  • Blood and Lymph circulation is re-booted
  • Energy systems re-charged
  • Correct muscle memory re-enforced


*The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol unlike many other places offers a Massage Membership.  When you have reached Stage 3: Wellness Care and we have gone through the initial recommendations and a fellowship has formed we formulate a long-term plan tailored to you.  The membership is specially designed to make our future friendship as stress-free and affordable as possible so you can continue to have happy muscles for years to come.

Please do not hesitate to ask one of our beautiful (standing) Chiropractic Assistants for more information concerning this.

A journey of a thousand painless miles begins with one single step.