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The Ozone & Chiropractic

The Ozone & Chiropractic

I was on my lunch break and I’ve just seen a really interesting news article that came out. It was saying that the ozone hole over Antarctica has healed over for the first time. Rather naively, my initial thought was this is down to the world being in lockdown due to coronavirus, all the efforts, the things that we’ve done, it had a real positive impact.

Obviously, the reality is it takes a lot longer for things like the ozone layer to heal. A hole over the ozone doesn’t heal over a couple of weeks or months. The reality is, it was down to banning of CFCs and aerosol sprays back in the ’80s. Also, weather patterns had played a large role in it healing over as well.

It got me thinking, we’ve seen lots of reports coming out about amazing things happening, the canals of Venice clearing up and dolphins swimming in them. I know there’s lots of other reasons not just a reduction in pollution, but we’re starting to see nature breathe again.

For example, the other day, I’ve started to see honeybees in my garden. I’ve never seen a honeybee in my garden before. It could just be a coincidence, but it feels like nature’s coming alive again. There’s a saying within Chiropractic, that ‘nature needs no help, it just needs no interference’. We don’t do things as humans to nature to heal it. What we do is we stop doing the things that are interfering with it. That’s how nature is going to heal. Nature can look after itself. It will restore the balance.

It is as exactly same with us and our backs and spines. We quite often get asked, “When am I going to get better?” or “what can I go back to doing this and that?” Our patients are looking for us for the answers of how quickly they’re going to get better. The reality is, we can make educated guesses on what we think, but the reality is that as a Chiropractor, we’re not doing any of the healing for you, we can’t take credit for that. It’s you that does the healing. All we do is we remove interference that is stopping you heal in the first place.

Nature needs no help, it just needs no interference

We’re removing interference from the spine, but, more importantly, we’re removing interference from the nervous system. We’re improving how your brain and your body are talking to each other. When you have a subluxation, or a trapped nerve, in your back, it’s a little bit like having poor reception on your phone, the messages are coming through but not as clear as they should, they’re interfered with. The only way your brain and body knows how to communicate that problem to you is through pain. Then you get back pain or sciatica or headaches or something along those lines.

As I said, nature needs no help. It just needs no interference. What we’re doing at the moment during the current crisis, we’re traveling less and, in some ways, we’re consuming a lot less (apart from all the PPE we have to wear), we are giving nature an opportunity to breathe over a couple of weeks or months. It’s a very small difference that we’ve made, but if we can keep it up, that will start to have more of a dramatic impact. It’s the same with your health.

We can get you back on track, we can remove that interference. If you go straight back into the same lifestyle, the stress, the busyness, the sitting in an office all day, the lifting heavy things, whatever it may be that caused the problem in the first place. Normally, it’s the stress and the worries of life, raising kids, paying the mortgage, those kind of things that have the greatest impact. If we go straight back into that, the reality is that interference slowly, or quickly, returns.

We may be in a better place, but that interference will just start to build up and start causing more problems. Like the planet right now, look after yourself in your own ecosystem. Just remember that we don’t necessarily need help, we need no interference. As Chiropractors, that’s what we do. We remove interference from your nervous system, but it’s your body that does the healing.

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