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When we open The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol in 2013 we wanted to contribute by helping the people of Clifton and Bristol to feel healthier with better spines; we also wanted to have an effect somewhere further afield.  We decided we wanted our giving to be intentional, so we decided we would give £1 from every Chiropractic or massage session.We will give £1 to Cherish Uganda every time someone comes for an appointmentThis way, as the business grew so would our giving.  We found a charity that we felt most reflected us and our values.  That Charity was Cherish Uganda.

Cherish Uganda takes in orphaned children suffering from HIV/AIDS. These children have been abandoned due to the stigma and the discrimination attached to this disease.  In their purpose built village, Akaloosa, these children are loved and provided for through the principles of HOPE.  Each child is provided with a family and a mother to look after and care for them.  They also have access to the medication they need, food and an education and future prospects.  Within the village, not only do they have homes for these children to live, there is a

school educating the children of the local community, and a hospital to provide essential healthcare to the area.Orphaned children with HIV/AIDS are loved and provided for through Cherish Uganda’s HOPE principlesThese children and the families of the local communities are now healthy and thriving thanks to this group of people who have chosen to cherish them!

As we developed these plans, whilst still in Essex, we mentioned our ideas to one of our patients.  She started laughing at our idea that we were intending to partner our business with Cherish Uganda.  It turns out, unbeknown to us, that she had set up this Charity!  It was meant to be!  Through this connection we got to know more about Cherish Uganda and, before we opened, meet Rachel who lived in Uganda and runs the charity.

Our next goal is to travel to Uganda and spend time in Akaloosa village.  There we can see first hand what the impact of those in Bristol are having whilst looking after their own spines.

A happy Child with Cherish Uganda

 The HOPE principles

H - Healthcare

We believe that health is essential to hope.  We provide each child with the opportunity to begin life-long ARVs (antiretroviral therapy), which fight HIV, and effectively treat opportunistic infections that attack the child’s weakened immune system.  Immunizations, fortifying nutrition and home-based care safeguard each child’s body from sickness and give them hope for the future.

♥ - Love

For love, the most valuable aspect, the children are placed in Christ-centred family homes with a loving Ugandan mother.  In their homes each child is in an environment where, through love, broken hearts are mended, belonging is cemented and hope for the future is cultivated.  We want children living with HIV/AIDS to have hearts filled with hope.  That is why we are deliberate about love.

P - Prosperity

Prosperity begins in the mind of the child.  A shift from an impoverished mindset to one that enables them to flourish; to move towards a place of being prosperous and in a position to help others to prosper too.  At Akaloosa Village, our organic farm is flourishing and producing a source of sustainable income and providing safe and healthy food for every family.

E - Education

At our hope Academy we offer a scholarship and an education in vocational and leadership skills in one experience.  This equips the children as life-long learners, skilled craftsmen and Christ-minded leaders.  In this environment dreams come alive, imaginations grow, creativity is celebrated, critical thinking is encouraged and leaders are made.  It is their dreams that we steward; the bedrock of our nation tomorrow.

£1 will provide for a child:

2 nutritious meals, or

1 weeks medical supplies, or

All necessary academic equipment, or

A weeks hygiene supplies!

 Not only are you gaining health, you are giving HOPE to a child in need!

Thank you for helping us to make such an impact


Watch this video from Cherish Uganda about what great things they are doing

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