Meet the Team


Charles Herbert | Clifton Bristol Chiropractor

Charles Herbert

Director | Chiropractor

Coming from a history of dough kneading, I was drawn away by the hunger to understand the intricacies of the human body.  Brought up in a large, loving family and having a mother starting a degree in nursing my eyes were opened to the caring profession.  Following attending a Chiropractor for a recent rugby injury, I enrolled at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic to begin my journey.

Graduating in 2008, I moved to Essex where, over 4 years, I successfully built two patient bases for what is now one of the largest Chiropractic centres in the UK. During this time I not only perfected my Chiropractic technique and dealings with common back problems but also developed a passion for rehabilitation.

Moving back to my hometown, I started The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol with my former colleague and business partner Matt. Through this centre, I aim to continue to learn and grow, pass on my knowledge to new graduates and our growing team and also explore a new philanthropic edge though our link with Cherish Uganda.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to not only alleviate your symptoms but to open your eyes to the other benefits of Chiropractic care, all whilst achieving a higher level of wellbeing.

Matthew Poulter | Clifton Bristol Chiropractor

Matthew Poulter

Director | Chiropractor

I first discovered Chiropractic whilst doing work experience at Wimbledon and Oxford United Football clubs. Any players with complicated or repetitive problems would often be sent to the local chiropractor. From there, I fell in love with the profession and knew it was for me. I successfully graduated with a degree in Chiropractic from Glamorgan University in 2003 and haven’t looked back since.

Having spent the last 9 years building thriving clinics in Essex, my passion for Chiropractic only grew stronger. During this period I enrolled in many professional development courses such as Rehabilitation, Dry Needling, Acupuncture and Kinesiotaping. With my new and varied skill set, I established The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol in October 2012 alongside my good friend and colleague Charles Herbert. Our aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone that comes to see us in Bristol and in the process help those that are under the care of our sister charity, Cherish Uganda.

It is my passion to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience not only top class Chiropractic care, but also outstanding customer service with a whole lot of fun.

Anwen Carter Clifton Bristol Chiropractor

Anwen Carter


As I was growing up, I always knew I wanted to work with people, working side by side with them to help them achieve their individual aspirations. Chiropractic helped me as a teenager by alleviating me from pains I began to accept as normal. Chiropractic enabled me to continue with the sports I loved. I knew very quickly that I wanted to do this for others too.

I graduated in 2015 with a distinction from the University of South Wales. I thoroughly enjoyed the last year building a broad patient base in the university clinic, and helping each of them to better health.

I am thoroughly excited to be part of the awesome and friendly Chiropractic Centre: Bristol team. My aim here is to integrate my up-to-date knowledge of the profession and research into the care I provide, to ensure it is of the highest quality possible for all my patients.

I look forward to meeting you, and sharing with you, your journey from pain relief progressing through to optimum health.

Rhys Owen


I have always had a fascination with the complex workings of the human body. When I first discovered the world of Chiropractic, I was amazed by it. After visiting my local Chiropractor for help with low back pain, I was intrigued by her approach to my problem and it wasn’t long before I was feeling healthier than ever before. Soon after I decided to enrol at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, where I graduated in 2013 with a distinction.

Since graduating I have worked at clinics in Lichfield, Stroud and Portishead, moving to Bristol in 2014 and joining the amazing team here at The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol. During this time I have developed great experience in dealing with a range of common spinal problems and musculoskeletal conditions.

I look forward to meeting you, assessing your goals and taking you on your journey to greater spinal health and overall wellbeing.


Anna Booth | Bristol Sports Massage Therapist

Anna Booth

Sports Massage Therapist

Having started out as an actress, working in London and Europe professionally for 8 years I was hit with an unexpected curve ball when my mum was diagnosed with cancer. It was through that 5 year journey which eventually lead me to massage. Originally I began my training for a very personal reason. However what I didn’t realise was how much massage would change my life and in turn how much that would help change others too.

I have always been fascinated by the body however it was while training with Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork where pandoras box was truly opened! I absolutely love working with the body and helping people to achieve their goals and optimum physical health. It’s so rewarding to help cause such a positive change to another persons body and wellbeing and to see the difference it makes to their life.

All of my sessions are individually tailored and its my passion to help you to understand whats going on in your own body. I look forward to meeting you at the clinic.

Issey Cannon | Bristol Sports Massage Therapist

Helena Read

Sports Massage Therapist

I am delighted to be part of the massage team at The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol and offer a wealth of diverse and ‘lifey’ experiences to the clinic.  My journey towards massage therapy began in my early 20s with the Chiropractic management of two childhood back injuries; both resulting from the extreme sports of riding horses and sailing dinghys.

My freelance professional career has traversed an eclectic international terrain as an event production manager, facilitator, educator, entrepreneur, dancer and artist.  With the birth of my first child in 2002 I shifted my focus from the demanding physical work and long hours of event production to the subtle somatic, physiological and psychological depths of the human body.  Graduating from the Australian Collage of Massage in 2008 I established a small private practice in regional Australia before my recent relocation to England in Dec 2015.

I am particularly interested in exploring the bridge where clients roll off the massage table and onto the dance floor of their daily lives, with a heightened awareness of how they move through physical space and how physical space moves through them.

As a therapist I utilise a variety of remedial and holistic techniques to respond to your needs and look forward to meeting you at The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol.

James Petterson

Sports Massage Therapist


Steff Haley | Bristol Chiropractic Assistant


Practice Manager | Chiropractic Assistant

With a previous background in restaurant management and fine art never has a truer word been spoken than ‘Your dream job does not exist, you must create it.’  As soon as I made the decision to explore a lifelong interest in alternative therapy the creating started.  Many exciting doors have been opened for me in this field, but most notably the distinct glossy royal blue one at The Chiropractic Centre: Bristol.

Our team pride ourselves on a culture that stems from knowledge, passion and wellbeing.  We are continually training, researching and munching on a bit of cake (in moderation of course) to give you the best care and customer service possible.  Health is something we take for granted until we do not have it anymore and to see someone leave our practice having been given the gift of their health back is a priceless moment.

My first experience of chiropractic was with DC Matt Poulter who appeared to instantly relieve my chronic shoulder pain in two seconds.  It was quickly a mystery why I had put up with it for so long.  It wasn’t until I attended a conference hosted by The United Chiropractic Association that a passion for chiropractic as a lifestyle really became ignited in me.  It’s many benefits are astounding and to be surrounded by such an inspirational group of people on a daily basis really makes the difference between having a job and having a passion.

Natalia | Chiropractic Assistant


Bristol Chiropractic Assistant

After having the most incredible years in London studying to become an actress I returned home to Bristol to try and discover more about what I wished to pursue as a career (I also missed my pony too much).  I knew that I loved helping people, chatting with people, learning new skills and being a part of team so when I saw the Chiropractic Assistant role advertised I thought it was the most perfect role for me… and I was right.

Every day I meet fabulous people, learn something new and have a good old natter with our regular patients.  I had never experienced chiropractic myself before working here and after suffering with a bad back after a horse riding accident I can honestly say the difference after seeing the chiropractors here has been life changing.  I now partake in weekly fitness classes, ride Marley as much as I can and I haven’t felt better. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you with one of our famous teas or coffee and if you’re lucky some freshly baked cake.

Bella Chiropractic Assistant


Bristol Chiropractic Assistant